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Andy Hampson

At The Inspire Network we believe in health & wellness coaching, connections and community.


I’m so pleased you found me, and The Inspire Network.

Congratulations on taking your first step in recognising how important your own health and wellness is to living a healthier, happier life.

Life is busy, you are constantly on the go, juggling all the balls in the air but no ball has your name on it. It’s time to grab a ball, write your name on it, and start caring for yourself!

The Inspire Network is your place of belonging, your place of community, and your safe haven full of hope and possibilities.

I truly believe if we surround ourselves with kind, caring and authentic people who embrace our individuality, combined with a full spirited community, we can create a new path to rejuvenate our mind, body and soul.

I’d love for you to be part of my Inspire community so I encourage you to read on how The Inspire Network can support you and I invite you to take your next step by getting in touch so we can create your new world of wellness together.

Warmest wellness regards,

Andy Hampson

Founder of The Inspire Network

Birth of a name

I have always loved the word “inspire” and its meaning speaks to me – to give someone the desire, confidence or enthusiasm to do something well – so powerful! I then combined it with “network” meaning a closely connected group of people – the words were a marriage made in heaven and just like that The Inspire Network was born.

Have you ever reached a certain point in your life, and felt you have lost your way?

That’s what happened to me. It was the undeniable realisation that my sight was deteriorating. I had to change my direction if I was to survive and not lose my independence. It was scary, but I stopped, weighed up my options, listened to my inner voice, and took a leap of faith.

You see I’m a doer, a fighter, an “of course we can do that” kind of person. Don’t you dare put Andy in the corner!

Have I always been like this? Not always, but I learnt to be resilient and not listen to negativity. I live in a “glass half full” world, but this is not how my life began.

At 14 my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with a rare, degenerative eye disease, retinitis pigmentosa, often referred to as “tunnel vision”. The specialist told me I would be totally blind by 21, and a burden to my family. I left his rooms in a state of shock, all my future hopes and dreams were shattered.

As luck had it, destiny was on my side, and at 18 I had another life changing moment when I met the renowned ophthalmologist, Professor Fred Hollows. Meeting Fred changed my life as he inspired me with his encouraging words of wisdom “we don’t know what’s going to happen with your sight so go and live your life, and be the best that you can be, follow your dreams, and don’t let this disease take over your life”.

Andy Hampson


So I did – I’ve studied, and worked in exceptional senior roles in the fields of recruitment, training, law, hospitality, travel (where I met my husband) and my true passion, health.  I moved out of home, I travelled to amazing places with awesome friends, I married and raised my family. I established a successful digital transcription typing company, Overflow Angel, where I had an incredible team of 7 women, mostly mums, working between drop-offs and pick-ups. This was years before working from home became the norm.

Then sadly my beautiful, single mum suffered a series of strokes, and from 58 wasted away in a nursing home for the last decade of her life. I was totally devastated, and realised there was no supports for myself or others going through these difficult times. This led me to find the strength to establish the Motherless Mums Support Group that ran for 10 years. It was our safe haven, a place of support and understanding, and I am proud to still have strong friendships from those times.

Since November 2013 I have had the privilege of working with cancer patients, primarily with breast cancer, at one of Australia’s leading cancer hospitals, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. I have been a first point of contact for newly diagnosed patients. Being that person, in that moment, answering your call has been an honour. I listen to your fears, stay calm and present, and give you reassurance and hope. I am here to help. These moments with you have left a lasting impression on me. I am in awe of your courage and determination, and that’s where my true passion for health was realised.

Since the beginning of 2020, I have been part of the Supportive Care & Integrative Oncology team. In this inspiring space I witnessed firsthand how caring for the “whole” person by way of supportive medical care and evidence-based complementary therapies can make a powerful difference to your quality of life, and where I first heard the words “health and wellness coaching”.

Back to my eyes for a moment – I look like a fully sighted person, and a common trait of RP patients is to behave like one. The problem with that, and this is what happened to me, is I was not being true to myself which caused stress, anxiety and the deterioration of my limited sight. My supportive medical team told me directly that stress will destroy my sight faster than my eye disease!

Now that’s a lightbulb moment!

It was time to take charge of my own health and wellness, and change my life’s direction to preserve my precious, limited sight. Luckily, my “glass half full” nature went into overdrive. I focussed on the positives, and embraced my personal strengths. I love caring, supporting and talking to people and the discipline of client-centred health and wellness coaching aligned with my passions. I studied through Wellness Coaching Australia and I am now an accredited Health & Wellness Coach, and in July 2021 The Inspire Network was launched.

It is with great pride I have created my own coaching approach, and empowered my wonderful clients to change their lifestyle habits to live better. Listening to their heartfelt stories, supporting them as they tackle their obstacles, and observing how, through positive coaching, they have triumphed. Being a health and wellness coach is such a rewarding part of my life, go to Testimonials to read more from my clients.

In 2022 I was introduced to my new, trusted friend, “Audrey”, my white cane. She has changed my life in ways I could not imagine. I am a dedicated Vision Australia volunteer facilitating groups for the young at heart over 65s and a career mentor to children and young adults to follow their dreams. To give back to Professor Fred Hollows’ inspiration to me, I have been a guest speaker for friends at their Coastrek events and since 2020 I have been part of Fred’s Big Run team, an annual month long August fundraising event, restoring sight to the needless blind.

It is my vision to inspire all who connect with me to feel a shared sense of belonging no matter how our paths will cross. My dream is for all of us to embrace our fabulous lives and age with dignity, grace and be outrageously awesome to live a better, healthier, happier life.

Lastly, I am a true believer that things happen for a reason and you never know where your destiny will take you through the power of human connection. I am so happy for the direction my life has taken, and grateful to be living a more authentic life. Thanks Fred for your kindness and for inspiring me to follow my dreams. Reflecting back, I may have gotten here sooner if I had my own health and wellness coach, just saying!

My Media

For your reading and listening pleasure – My Fred stories and my Podcast about my Pilot Coaching program – Inspiring a Healthier You.

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What is health and wellness coaching?

Health and Wellness Coaching is a relatively new, but rapidly developing discipline. Several definitions have been put forward but it can be understood that Health and Wellness Coaching is a client-centred, collaborative intervention whose primary aim is to support others in sustainable lifestyle change. The goals are selected by the client who is positioned as the expert in his/her own life, with the coach bringing defined skills and knowledge to support the process of change.

The major difference between a Health and Wellness Coach and other health professionals is the facilitative, as opposed to prescriptive approach and the handing over of responsibility to the client.  There are many aspects that are derived from other helping professions such as the unconditional positive regard that the coach will always display and the honouring of the client’s autonomy and unique values. See more here.

My coaching approach

I know better than most how to overcome obstacles and remove roadblocks in life.

My coaching is all about conversations and connection. Creating a safe, compassionate space so you can feel comfortable to communicate openly and honestly.

Health and wellness coaching is a collaborative, step by step approach where I will ask you thought provoking questions to help you to discover the lifestyle habits you wish to change. These life areas may include one or a combination of some of these – weight management, exercise and movement, healthy eating habits, sleep, stress, personal organisation and social interaction.  From this discovery, you will identify your strengths, weaknesses and interests so you can design your own personalised wellness pathway.

You are the expert in charge of your own life

Positive and long lasting change takes time, patience, effort and persistence. There is no right or wrong way to do this and there are no gimmicks or magic potions. I will be there to support, guide and motivate you to instill self-belief and confidence to ensure your goals are simple, realistic and achievable to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Together, as a coaching team, we can create your roadmap to your desired destination with directions on how to get there. I will be there to walk beside you to make sure you stay on track.

It will be inspiring, awakening and rejuvenating. We focus on making lifestyle changes that work for you.  We will celebrate successes and tackle challenges to foster self-awareness and empowerment.  We may cry a bit, laugh a lot, but I can assure you we will have fun along the way.

Now is your time to grab that ball with your name on it to reinvigorate your wellbeing, re-engage with your inner self, reconnect with your community, and reignite your passions that have taken a back seat. I am here to support and guide you with compassion, kindness and without judgment – you are not alone.  Let’s chat to get you started.

So does this sound like you?

Reclaim Your Wellness – it’s time to care for yourself!

  • Have you spent years juggling demanding careers, partners, children, households, ageing parents with no energy to care for yourself? The “sandwich” generation I call us!
  • The kids have moved out, getting on with their own lives, and being independent. That’s wonderful, your job is done! The dust has settled, you look in the mirror and can barely recognise the woman staring back at you. What happened? Where has the time gone?
  • Struggling with your low vision, and feeling unmotivated to move more?
  • You want to look good and feel better in your own skin, and embrace the age you are with confidence, but you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Is Cancer, or a chronic disease, part of your life or someone you love?

  • Fatigued? Can’t get motivated to start moving to feel better during or after chemo?
  • Is Cancer brain or Chemo fog making it difficult to concentrate?
  • Lost your purpose, and can’t stop thinking about cancer recurrence?
  • Need some strategies to help your mindset in dealing with your chronic disease?
  • Struggling as a carer? Feeling completely overwhelmed, and can’t relax, or care for yourself?

A cancer diagnosis is a life changing event. Everything changes in a heartbeat. As a woman, you probably have many roles, depending on your personal circumstances, but at the core you are the caregiver, the organiser and the glue that holds your family together. Once diagnosed, the cancer rollercoaster begins and your medical team takes over to care for you. If you are fortunate, your village of family, friends and community are there to support you. Going through treatment is tough, and sometimes you have to put on a brave face for your village, you have to be edited, and that’s hard. Then when treatment ends, your hair grows back, the lasagnes stop, the doctor says “you are cancer free, I’ll see you in 3 months”. At that moment as your village of supporters disperse, everything has changed, you feel lost, you feel different now, and somehow you have to redefine your ”new normal”.  I have heard this so many times.

Why call Andy?

Because I have walked your path…


As a young mum, and part of the “sandwich” generation…

I know what it’s like to be totally overwhelmed. Life was so busy. I loved being a mum but with no family supports I felt exhausted, and with the added pressure of caring for my own sick mum it was all so hard. All this combined with a move interstate and  managing work commitments, my household, childcare and then starting my first company it was not easy. I was on autopilot, and I was struggling physically and mentally with no time or energy to care for myself.  Sound familiar?

My passion working with cancer patients…

Has been part of my life for almost a decade.  I will be begin by saying, I have not had cancer myself, but having been diagnosed with a serious medical condition I am familiar with what you are going through, and how you are feeling. It is scary, your whole world has changed forever, and you are in a state of shock.

I have witnessed firsthand your determination to survive. I have spent many hours being there with you shortly after your diagnosis, giving you time to process what it means for you and your loved ones. I’ve sat with you, listened with patience and understanding, cried with you and, at times, laughed with you, and supported you in whatever way you needed to give you reassurance and hope. As one of the most amazing breast cancer nurses used to say “don’t worry, we are just too good at this”. I feel honoured to have been that person for many, many patients.

I’m here to help you.

We all want to feel better with energy and vitality in our daily lives. We want to be positive to encourage ourselves to eat healthier, move more, socialise more and return to a healthier life.

You probably have some of the pieces of the puzzle right in front of you. You’ve got all the books, you’ve scrolled through endless pages, you’ve streamed so much and listened to many, but introducing lifestyle changes is not easy.  Where do I start?  How do I start? How am I going to fit in more into my day when I am already busy? What do I tackle first?  Well that’s where I can help you.

Through health and wellness coaching you can achieve this.  It will take time, and you will have to be accountable and ready to change. You can do this one step and one habit at a time.

I’ll be there to walk beside you to support and guide you with compassion and kindness, without judgement, in the right direction so that you don’t lose your way so let’s chat and get you started.

My Services

So are you ready to take your next step?

My coaching style is very personal, and tailored to your specific needs, so let’s start a conversation to see how I can support you.


(20 mins, no cost)

To me, an important part of coaching is making sure that we have the right chemistry to form a positive coaching relationship. I want to get to know you and understand your motivation and drive in deciding to make these lifestyle changes.

For you, it’s also about connection. Do you feel confident and trust that I am the right person to support you during your coaching sessions? During our chat, we will discuss your specific needs to best match them to the type of coaching services that I offer. Let’s Chat!

Private Coaching Sessions

$90 (incl GST) per session (1 hour)

My private 1 on 1 coaching session is designed to help you create your own Wellness pathway to improve your lifestyle habits. We can tailor your plan so that it works best for you in line with your specific needs.

It is recommended that we have at least 4 sessions (weekly or fortnightly) depending on your desired outcomes so get in touch to ask me about my Coaching Bundle pricing.

Inspiring Group Coaching Programs

My group programs, as a guide, start from $299 (incl GST) depending on length of program.

My newly created programs focus on the most important life areas of health and wellness, from movement and exercise, healthy eating habits, sleep, stress to creating your own innovative new wellness ways. The idea of a group program is that there is a shared sense of belonging. These programs are tailored to the group’s specific needs and have a broader approach which makes them empowering, supportive and promotes motivation through sharing successes and experimenting with different ways to overcome setbacks. Get in touch to find out if this coaching style will work for you, and your needs.

My Coaching Benefits will help you to…

  • Start the conversation, and set the scene to discover where your wellbeing is at.
  • Define your goals and design your own personalised wellness pathway and action plan.
  • Stay on track with your action plan, be accountable and embed your new healthier lifestyle habits.
  • Feel empowered, and build confidence to achieving your wellness goals to an improved, sustainable quality of life.
  • Create a positive ripple effect on others as you care for yourself.
  • Wake every morning full of energy and vitality reconnected with your reflection in the mirror, and proud of yourself that you are now in control of your own wellbeing.

Lasting change and optimal results can be achieved by adopting enjoyable, effective habits – the power is in you, and I am here to support you to create your own new world so let’s chat.

Listen to my podcast all about my Pilot Program – Inspiring a Healthier You

Emma, 41

(breast cancer)

Andy was the missing link between my cancer team and treatment, and really re-entering the real world with gusto. Much to my surprise, she even managed to do the impossible and turn me from sceptic to self-motivated in a matter of weeks. With her background in the medical field and non-judgmental approach, Andy really is uniquely qualified to help people get back on track after a swerve in the wrong wellness direction.

Eve, 61

(breast cancer)

I really enjoyed working with Andy on her The Inspire Network program. We’re all so busy running around doing things, we often forget to take care of ourselves. I had breast cancer five years ago and I wish I had this program at that time to tap into.  It would have taken my mind off the treatment, appointments and the general treadmill you find yourself on. I feel it would  have empowered me to focus on my health and wellbeing in a positive supported way. I think my inner voice would have been more calm and less scared.  Andy as a coach is motivating, encouraging and supportive.

Mira, 51

(endometrial cancer)

I have never considered being health coached before, but when Andy approached me to consider it, I was nervous, but hopeful of a positive outcome.  I can attest to the fact that Andy really kept me accountable every week.  Slowly, but surely my mindset has shifted and extremely happy with the changes that continue to happen thanks to the coaching sessions .  I highly recommend The Inspire Network and hope it helps you on your journey, as much as it has on mine.

Nadine, 52

(breast cancer)

The Inspire Network’s health and wellness coaching program was easy to follow and well-ordered, focusing on different aspects each week to keep you on track and think about improvements in different ways.  Andy Hampson herself is very kind, very considered, articulate and easy to talk to.  Andy will cheer on your successes but also make you feel safe and supported through any obstacles.  It was like a positive chat with an attentive friend each week, where I never felt pressured or judged.  Small, sustainable changes were the order of the day for me and Andy helped me put them into focus and priority.

Alasdair, 54

(Oesophageal cancer)

I’d recommend Andy as a wellness coach on The Inspire Network program without hesitation. She was truly inspirational and kept me focussed on a realistic plan for improving my wellness through some pretty dark days during chemotherapy. Her help, support and motivation made me make practical plans to improve my wellness and emerge at the end of the program in a much better place physically and mentally. Andy worked with me on aspects of nutrition and fitness as well as making time for myself and listening to what my body needed and it’s made a huge difference to the way that I’ve recovered from cancer and cancer treatment.

Jenny, 50


The Inspire Network provided ongoing support, knowledge and resources that guided my personal journey of growth. Andy was professional, supportive and nurturing and accommodating in providing a service that seeks to inspire a healthier version of oneself.

Kathy, 54


I had no idea just how much of an impact having a health and wellness coach like Andy would impact changing my habits.  I am a pretty organised mum of 3 who has a chronic medical condition which leaves me feeling fatigued and every day is a struggle on many different levels but The Inspire Network coaching sessions helped me navigate and openly discuss my obstacles in a comfortable and discreet setting.  Andy gave me so much confidence and encouragement and assisted me with the right tools and strategies to achieve realistic goals and I can proudly say that I gave been able to achieve some of these in a short period of time and others that have become part of my new long life routine and mindset.  I highly recommend the coaching especially for those going through chronic health issues.  Andy was such a pleasure to talk to and I looked forward to our weekly chat.

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